spiritual wellness- a new component of wellness

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Spiritual wellness is one of the 5 main components of wellness.If you attain good health,fitness and career but you dont have peaceful mind, it is of no use.Spiritual wellbeing can be a different experience for everyone. It is a path to self discovery, personal or cultural traditions and beliefs. Engaging in religious or cultural communities helps us to experience our wellbeing in the form of prayer, meditation, art, music and guidance along with a door to endless opportunities.

According to Ashton university, Spiritual wellbeing is about our inner life and its relationship with the wider world. It includes our relationship with the environment, our relationships with others and with ourselves. Spiritual wellbeing does not just reflect religious belief although for people of a religious faith it is obviously a central feature. Each person’s spirituality is greatly impacted by the community they are a part of and their relationships. To be spiritually well will mean a positive engagement with others, self and our environment.

Some of the benefits of spiritual wellbeing include:

  • Feeling content with life
  • Maintaining balance and control of life
  • Building positive relationships
  • Feeling a purpose and meaning in life
  • Experiencing a connection with a power greater than oneself
  • Accepting and growing from the challenges and changes in life.

Spiritual wellbeing is about wholeness, which encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension. This doesn’t mean however that we must be well in every area to be spiritual well. For example, someone may be physically unwell yet have a positive spiritual wellbeing which helps them cope with their physical difficulties.

How is spiritual wellbeing maintained or refreshed?

Because spiritual wellbeing is personal, different people will find some approaches or factors more helpful than others, however some of the things that can help spiritual wellbeing are:

  • Spending time alone to find inner peace
  • Taking time to enjoy the environment
  • Attending a local place of worship (Church, Temple, Mosque etc) for prayer or devotion.
  • Joining a group, club or society which shares your spiritual or religious outlook
  • Meeting regularly with someone who can help you reflect on your life and your spirituality (Spiritual director, soul friend, religious leader)
  • Engaging with the arts.

Source -Ashton university


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