Flax seeds- the super food


Flaxseeds are also known as ‘JAVAS’ in marathi and ‘ALSI’ in hindi. Flaxseed and its components improve cardiovascular health as it helps to lower the LDL(bad) cholesterol levels in the body and prevents atherosclerosis(clogging of arteries). It should not be roasted,it can be used in grounded form.Recommended intake is 5 grams per day for one person.
It should not be taken by pregnant women and people with blood clotting disorders.It should not be taken immediately after taking diabetic medications
Recipes-flax seed chutney,flax seed dip,mouth freshener ;flax seed can also be sprinkled on dal,breads and rotis.


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  1. Viraj says:

    Amazing information


  2. lexilife says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea about nearly all of this information yet I see flax seeds in almost everything. xx



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