Hi friends!! how are you all? I hope you may be physically and mentally fine.

Today,when I went to college,my friend was very depressed. When I asked her what was the problem because of which she was depressed,she replied that her family was facing financial crisis and her parents wanted her to discontinue her studies and start working.

Mental tension and depression are the most common mental problems faced by the people today. The efficiency of their work is affected. This also affects their physical health and is one of the reasons for stress related diseases like cardiovascular diseases,hypertension,etc.What are the reasons of mental tension?

  • competition in the world
  • family crisis
  • higher expectations
  • financial crisis
  • fear of losing and so on

The reasons are endless.The most important question that arises is how to overcome it.According to me,there are many solutions to this problem:-

  1. Day planning
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga or any form of exercises
  4. Inculcating a hobby like reading,etc.
  5. Talk about your problem to the person you trust the most and seek advice from him
  6. If the condtion is worse,consult a counsellor


For any suggestions,post in comments box below


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